Got the open mic coming up this Friday at Bump ‘n Grind, and if you are out and about in Adam’s Morgan, we’re playing a super secret rooftop show, so you may hear some dulcet tunes wafting down from on high Saturday night.

After that, Nick’s on vacation for a month, so we may line up some fun acoustic sets without all that noise 🙂

Got some mixes in the works, new single set to drop soon for the band, and still working towards that 2017 glorious Vic-o EP-o.

As always, I’m churning out my own weird stuff; you can always check the unpolished stuff out on my personal sound cloud, if you’re up for a laugh or unpolished oddity. Eventually there will be some Siebass: Back to Bassicks alblum, but it’s a long ways off.

That’s all for now, catch you on the dark side.